Com es corregeixen els exercicis del MOOC?

Aquesta és la pregunta que he rebut avui sobre el mòdul 4, impartit pels nostres col·laboradors de la UCL (Bèlgica) i que he contestat amb molt de gust. Us en copio la resposta perquè penso que és una molt bona pregunta que nosaltres ens vam haver de plantejar fa un temps.

It would be fantastic if you could help us with the assessment of unit 4.

The assessment system for a MOOC is not a conventional one (you may want to register for any MOOC in Coursera in order to see how the forum works). In our case, in all the modules, except for my own (unit 5), we use the general forum of the course as the place in which the students should write the answer for the exercise of each unit. They will receive their fellows’ comments and their answers will also be rated in the forum by their partners. So, the most voted answers will be on the top of the forum. As MOOCs in Cousera normally count with aprox. 30.000 students at the beginning of the course (the % of success of the students that actually finish the MOOC is really, really low) we are not expected to correct the students exercises in any case. What we do is, during the week in which our unit is taught, reading the most voted answers (the ones that the students consider a model) and looking for the most common misconceptions. The lecturers can reply directly to these selected answers and correct them/make suggestions. In some courses, there is the possibility to have a ‘verified answer’, which means that the comments made by the professors of the course are seen with a green mark.

In addition to it, we have decided to film each week a new video (one minute long) in which we will outline the mistakes we have detected in the most discussed and rated answers in the forums and we will solve the doubts we have received. We have to keep in mind that t is impossible to address everything.

Besides, we will schedule two Hangouts (gmail system) during the course, in which the students will be connected in real time with the professors of the course. They will be able to write their questions (as a chat) and the professor will be seen (videocam) and listened. My idea is that Delfi Nieto, as the ‘conductor’ of the course will be the one answering the question in the first hangout (units 1-3), taught by Pau Castell and herself. I will be connected at the same time in case there was anything. The second Hangout could be from unit 4 to 6 and you or Sébastien could be the ones answering the questions. Noemi Álvarez and I, the responsible ones for units 5 and 6, would be connected at the same time. So, if you receive any questions about modules 5 and 6, we can either take the word or we can write you the answers and you give them to the students.

Finally, we encourage the lecturers of each unit to moderate specialized forums during the week in which their unit is taught. They ask new questions and promote participation and discussion.


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