El programa de Magic in the Middle Ages

Gràcies als amics d’ARDIT per l’acollida que ha tingut aquest blog i la iniciativa de muntar un MOOC titulat Magic in the Middle Ages a partir de la noticía que hem penjat al Facebook d’ARDIT!!

Per agrair-vos-ho, fem un avançament del programa del nostre propi MOOC, que començarem a publicitar al desembre.
Ofert per la Universitat de Barcelona
Organitzat per ARDIT Cultures Medievals, IRCVM i el Màster en Cultures Medievals de la UB
Coordinadora: Gemma Pellissa Prades
Equip organitzador: Gemma Pellissa Prades, Delfi Nieto, Joana Palau, Pau Castell i David Carrillo Rangel.
Becària d’edició UB: Conxi Duro.

I. Introduction to magic in medieval Europe (Pau Castell). 7 videos.
It includes a welcome video explaining how the course works and introducing our team.
Evaluation: test + participation in the forum.

II. Magic according to philosophy and theology in the Middle Ages. Inquisitors and Satanism. The Jews and the Kabbalah (optional video with additional materials by Jordi Casals). (Delfi I. Nieto). 5 + 2 videos.
Evaluation: test + comment of a historial document (forum)

III. Popular magic in the Middle Ages. (Pau Castell). 5 videos + 2 optional videos.
Evaluation: test + comment (forum): passage of a juridical text (the trial of a witch).

IV. Artes magicae (la magie savante) (Godefroid de Callataÿ and Sébastien Moureau). 6 videos
Content: the concept of magie savante and the classification of its disciplines in the Islamic world; the birth and development of artes magicae in the East; the epistles of the Brethren of Purity; the reception and development of artes magicae in Europe and the splendor of these disciplines in the Renaissance.
Evaluation: test

V. The Magical World of Celtic Culture: Arthurian Literature (Gemma Pellissa Prades). 5 videos + 2 optional videos
Videos: ‘Welsh Legends and the Matter of Britain’, ‘Arthurian Propaganda’, ‘Chrétien de Troyes’ Arthurian Romances’, ‘The Knight’s Path’ and ‘The Mistery of the Grail’. Optional videos (by Sergi Sancho Fibla): ‘Ireland, a magical land from a continental perspective. Introduction to Tristan and Iseult’ and ‘Irish Women in Medieval Literature: Outsiders or Magicians?’ Optional text (a passage of Tristan).
Evaluation: test + writing assignment about The Knight of the Chart by Chrétien de Troyes. 950-1200 characters.

VI. Art: Magical Objects and Relics. (Noemi Álvarez da Silva). 6 videos.
Content: The relation between symbolism and magic; the difference between symbolism and spirituality; the connotations of different materials (i.e. ivory, precious metals) and objects in the Middle Ages; relics; the truth about the Grail exhibited in Leon. Closing video.
Evaluation: tests.

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